School Steering Committee

Members of the Committee

Matthew Denniston

Jereme Stiles 

Kristy Buchalla

Neils & Mary Schulz

David Gower

Sue Connelly

Linda Hall

Sandy Price

Mack Cook

Peggy Ivie

Matt Hollenbeck

Sara Sirois

Chris Applegate

Teri Pelton

Patty DePerno

Amoreena Tellaeche

Al Stevens

Al Kryger

George Clancy

Linda Marsh

Sandy Yahner

Jame Povero

Notes From One Committee Member


Notes From Sandy Price

Virgil School Usage Committee: from my notes and are my observations. Others on the committee may have additions.

The committee has met three times: November 20, January 15 and toured the school and those who could on February 5. I observed that the building is in excellent condition. Attendance at each meeting has been good each time indicating that there is interest in pursuing opportunities for future use of the school. Members contacted a wide variety of individuals, organizations and agencies. 

Interest was shown from many however with the uncertainty of availability so no firm commitments were made. Ideas suggested, explored or investigated were:

1. Family Health Network

2. Boys and girls club

3. Community private school

4. Sports academy

5. Town of Virgil community center

6. Charter school

7. Nursing home

8. Daycare

9. Town hall

10. Negotiate to keep it as Virgil school 

11. Charter school satellite with Truxton 

12. Cortland County

13. CAPCO 

14. Library 

15. Nursing home 

16. Senior housing 

17. Use gym for exercise and a sport practice facility 

18. Before and after school program

19. Storage facility 

20. Apartments

21. New secure court room and separate rooms for victims and lawyers 

22. Rent out rooms for hand grafters, artists, and kitchen 

23. Senior center 

24. Emergency shelter with generator 

25. Historical room and displays 

26. Health club 

27. Town park 

28. Music/ voice lessons 

29. Tutoring 

30. Back up 911 center 

31. Satellite sheriff/ state police office 

32. Rent offices 

33. Sell the present town hall and move all services there, have a town park with the walking path and expand community activities. Possibly rent out rooms for offices, hand crafters and many of the things listed above to enhance the quality of life in our town. 

Two possibilities that would take some time is a usage feasibility study by Cornell students and a private entity that was interested in converting to housing with community activities (Al Kryger made those contacts).

Also at least one possibly two developers are interested. 

Although there was no formal vote the consensus with maybe the exception of two wanted the proposal to go for referendum with pros and cons developed and publicized ahead of time. Additionally comparisons of expenses at both the town hall and the school should be compiled. 

Additionally our own Senator Jim Seward had pledged to see if there was any state money to help offset any costs. 

My personal recommendation is for the town to take ownership and further explore the feasibility of a town hall/ community center. If that doesn't pan out the town then can have control of what use it can or cannot be. 

A vote on a date to be determined will be the deciding factor. Please give thoughtful consideration to the vision some of us have and vote yes. Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Price