Virgil Town Clerk/ Tax Collector


Town Clerk's Hours

Monday's 12:00PM-5:00PM

Tuesdays and Wednesday's 11:00AM-5:00PM

Thursdays (Closed)

Fridays 8:30AM-2:30PM

The Town Hall and the Transfer Station will be CLOSED Tuesday December 24 through Friday December 27. Have a Merry Christmas!

Tax Collecting

Taxes are collected from January to June. 

Taxes can be paid in installments. 

Partial Payment Option:

Payment #1 50% due 01/01/2020-01/31/2020 0% interest

Payment #2 25% plus 1.5% interest due 02/01/2020-03/16/2020

Payment #3 25% plus 3% interest due 03/17/2020-04/30/2020

Full Payment Option:

01/01/2020-01/31/2020  0% interest

02/01/2020-033/02/2020 1% interest

03/03/2020-03/31/2020 2% interest

04/01/2020-04/30/2020 3% interest

Services that Clerk Offers

  • Marriage Licenses 
  • Dog Licenses
  • Stamp Sales
  • Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licenses
  • Freedom of Information Law Requests
  • Transfer Station ID's
  • Hope Lake Park Passes 
  • Vital Record Requests
  • DMV Accessible Parking permits
  • Water & Sewer Rent Collecting
  • Building Code Fee Collection
  • Website Manager
  • Notary Services

Pay Clerk Fees Online

Transfer Station ID's $10.00 for the first person in the household & $1.00 for any additional

  • Dog Licenses, Please indicate your Dog's License Number
  • Building Permits, Please check with The Code Officer on the amount due.
  • Transfer Station ID's $10.00 for the first person in the household & $1.00 for any additional

Water and Sewer Payments

You can pay your water and sewer bills online as well.  Please know your amount due when paying. 

Credit Card Fees

Please note that there is a fee charged when using your credit card. 

Search Public Records from The Town of Virgil


Did you know that the Town of Virgil's Records are being digitized?

The Town of Virgil was able to partner up with Tompkins County, Cortland County and the Town of Harford on a grant to have our records digitized. All of our permanent paper records are being scanned in and digitized.  This has come to fruition with very little cost to the Virgil taxpayers. Thanks to the grant that Tompkins County allowed us to be a part of.  You are now able to go online a search public records from the comfort of your home. Click on the link below to check it out. 

2018 Final Tax Assessment Roll for the Town of Virgil

2018 Final Tax Assessment Roll Pages 1-100 (pdf)


2018 Final Tax Assessment Roll Pages 101-200 (pdf)


2018 Final Tax Assessment Roll Pages 201-300 (pdf)


2018 Final Tax Assessment Roll Pages 300-349 (pdf)