Town of Virgil Historian

Town of Virgil settled in 1792


The above picture is of Virgil in 1885. On the far left is the Baptist Church, who donated their land to the Virgil Elementary School District. Left of center is the former Congregational church and right of the center is the Virgil Methodist Church, which is still standing today. 

Town Historian, Marsha Powell


Marsha Powell, Town of Virgil Historian

Email Address:

Phone # 607-835-6174 ext. 2

Office Hours: Wednesdays 12:00 PM- 3:00 PM

Virgil Historical Society


Virgil has a very active Historical Society. They meet four times a year at the Virgil Town Hall. For more information contact Marsha Powell at

Virgil Stories

A Publication of the Virgil Historical Society

Below you will find an order form to your your copy of the Virgil Historical Society's publication "Virgil Stories."  If you have any questions call the Virgil Town Clerk at 607-835-6174 ext 2